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custom5 sided acrylic display box cover

custom5 sided acrylic display box cover

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With the emI believe that most people are not unfamiliar with food packaging boxes, about eating will not be able to resist. There is no place to put food, so this kind of food box is really needed. So what does it do?Let us introduce it to you。

1, transportation protection: in the process of food transportation, can not avoid collision, extrusion and other physical phenomena that are not conducive to food safety, and the food packaging box can be a good protection of the food in the box, avoid bad factors to bring harm to the food, but also in the transportation of good protection of food.

2, the protection of the shell: the protection of the food box shell can make the food and oxygen, water vapor separated. Some packages include a desiccant or deoxidizer to extend shelf life. Vacuum packed air is also a major food packaging method. Keeping food clean, fresh and safe during its shelf life is its primary function.

3, improve the visibility of enterprises: in the food box printing enterprise LOGO, company name and other information, can play a promotional role, effectively improve the visibility, can be said to be a kind of “mobile publicity”!

4, anti-theft: reasonable to avoid food will go to other goods, but also can reduce the possibility of food being stolen. Most food packaging boxes are strong and carry security marks to prevent loss of profits. It also prevents theft.

Tracing back to the source, this is a thinking characteristic shared by human beings or many animals: when I do something, I need to have a sufficient reason. Only driven by this reason can I get my own affirmation for this behavior. A person, only after obtaining self-affirmation, to really get the power of action.

Packaging gives people that reason.

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