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The industry may achieve profit restoration in the second half of the year

When will the paper hemper boxes industry get out of the “gloom”? Especially after experiencing the booming consumption during the “May 1st” holiday, has the terminal demand situation recovered and improved? Which paper the hemper box grades and companies will be the first to usher in performance recovery ?

In this regard, Fan Guiwen, general manager of Kumera (China) Co., Ltd., in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily, believes that the current situation that seems to be full of fireworks is actually limited to limited regions and industries, and there are still many regions and industries that only It can be said to be “prosperous gradually”. “With the prosperity of the tourism industry and the hotel accommodation industry, the demand for packaging paper hemper box products for catering, especially food packaging hemper box subscription such as paper cups and paper bowls, will gradually increase.” Fan Guiwen believes that household paper and some types of packaging Paper hemper box coupons should be the first to have better market performance.regular cigarette case

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As for coated paper hemper subscription box, one of the types of paper that the top paper cbd hemp oil boxes companies are “crying up” in this round, some insiders revealed in an interview with reporters: “Cultural paper has been in a relatively small peak season this year, and now With the comprehensive recovery of the domestic exhibition industry , Coated paper custom hemp oil boxes orders are also relatively satisfactory, and the profitability level has also improved compared with the previous period.”

Chenming Paper told the “Securities Daily” reporter: “Although the price of cultural paper hemp oil boxes recovered in the first quarter, due to the decline in the price of white cardboard, the performance of wood pulp paper custom hemp boxes companies was still under certain pressure in the first quarter However, the company It is believed that the fall in upstream raw material prices will help gradually improve the profitability of downstream industries.”

The above-mentioned industry insiders also believe that the industry is currently in a state of bottoming out. With the gradual easing of cost pressures and the gradual recovery of consumer demand, the profitability of paper companies is expected to recover.preroll king size box

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China International Finance Securities said that it is optimistic about the improvement in demand in the second half of 2023, and the recovery of consumption will further support the moderate upward recovery of paper prices, driving the profit per ton into a widening range.

Post time: May-24-2023